Resilience of rural settlement morphology dynamics: The case of Kargalı district (village)


  • Begüm Demiroğlu İzgi Yozgat Bozok University

    Begüm Demiroğlu İzgi graduated from Selçuk University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture in 2013. She received her MSc degree from Selçuk University Master of Architecture in 2017. She received her PhD degree from Konya Technical University in 2020.  Her main   research   interests   are   urban/rural morphology, AHP metodogy, urban communities, urban/rural resistance and architectural history. She is currently working as an academician at Yozgat Bozok University.



rural resilience, settlement morphology, rural morphology dynamics, rural adaptation, morphological resistance


In this study, the term resilience has been examined in terms of ecological, economic, and cultural parameters specific to residential areas. Recently, changing needs and increasing the speed of change due to developing technology are reflected as internal and external threats to residential areas. Change is inevitable for each parameter over time, but it can also pose a threat to the morphology and identity of residential areas. The buffer zone to be created by the residential areas against this threat reduces the severity of the incoming impact and revises it and provides the adaptation of identity and morphology dynamics to the new situation with its resilience. In the first part of the study, the identity of the settlements and the resilience factor against change/transformation threats are explained according to the definitions in the literature. In the second part, the dynamics of rural settlement morphology are defined and the effect of rural resistance on the dynamics is presented. In the last part, a stratification analysis is made according to certain year intervals over the Kargalı district (village) of the Polatlı District of Ankara. The sample was analyzed in terms of rural area, road traces, environmental location relations, structural boundaries, landmarks, and the changes/transformations of all these morphology dynamics over time, its resilience, and adaptation/mutation processes. The effects and possible results of the resilience of rural settlements for sustainable rural settlement, which are more affected by similar internal or external threats than urban, on the dynamics of settlement morphology and resident over time, constitute the desired findings of the study.


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