Investigation of social change in cities after participation in cittaslow union in Ordu-Perşembe district


  • Hüseyin Özdemir image/svg+xml Gaziosmanpaşa University

    Asst. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin ÖZDEMİR completed his doctorate in the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Konya Technical University. He received his M.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Architecture, Eskişehir Osmangazi University. Currently, he is working in the Architecture Department of the Engineering and Architecture Faculty at Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University. The researcher's work focuses on climate-responsive design, deep learning, architectural education, parametric design, digital design, and universal design.



Cittaslow, awareness, social change, quality of life, cultural interaction


This study presents a case study of the social changes brought about by participation in the Cittaslow Union in cities. The research focuses on the Perşembe district of Ordu province and aims to analyze the effects of Cittaslow on the social structure. Data collection involved the use of 100 valid surveys. The results indicate that significant social changes occurred in the Perşembe district following its participation in the Cittaslow Union. Surveys and observations show an increase in tourism activities. This is due to heightened public awareness, which has been brought about by increased official institutional efforts to inform about Cittaslow. Furthermore, the Cittaslow Union's participation in Perşembe district has resulted in the wider availability of locally sourced food, increased promotion of cycling, and a reduction in vehicle noise pollution. Furthermore, the Cittaslow Union's participation in Perşembe district has resulted in the wider availability of locally sourced food, increased promotion of cycling, and a reduction in vehicle noise pollution. These changes have had a positive impact on the district's quality of life and social structure. The community has adopted a more sustainable and participatory lifestyle because of the Union's involvement. It can be inferred that the city has benefited from the approach. The identified changes demonstrate that participation in the Cittaslow Union in the Perşembe district has positive effects on the adoption of a sustainable and participatory lifestyle within the community. This study on the effects of the Cittaslow Union in the Perşembe district can be considered an important step in promoting sustainability and social participation in cities.


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